pnCCD Products

The Color X-Ray Camera

A High Resolution Spectroscopic X-Ray Imaging System

Color X-Ray Camera The energy dispersive pnCCD detector is the central element of this ultra-fast, full field imaging spectrometer. The system allows simultaneous time-, energy and position-resolved measurements at high quality with up to 1000 fps in full frame mode. A high dynamic range and an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, as well as long-term stability and high radiation hardness are the key benefits of this system.
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The pnCCD (S)TEM Camera

Fast and Direct Electron Imaging in (S)TEM Applications

pnCCD (S)TEM Camera Due to its direct electron detection capability and its outstanding signal-to-noise ratio single primary electron detection from 20 keV to 300 keV is possible. With its high readout speed, and the flexibility of various operation modes, it opens up new scientific and analytical possibilities in electron microscopy, such as 4D-STEM imaging. Due to the high sensitivity, the camera is also suitable for low dose TEM imaging, while at the same time, the detector can collect images at standard electron beam currents without being damaged.
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More than 10 years of research and development in the field of cutting-edge silicon radiation detectors lead to the success and high performance of PNDetector’s products.