SDD and BSD Products

The Complete SDD Modules and Systems

New XRF and SEM Product Line

The Complete Silicon Drift Detector Module High reliability packaging makes use of novel hermetic sealing based on modern welding and brazing techniques. It is combined with our novel radiation entrance window the PTW (Planar Thin Window). Full control and visibility is offered by integrating pressure and temperature sensors. Peltier cooling power is reduced by more than 50%.

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SDDGL Series

For High Resolution, High Throughput Applications

High Resolution, High Throughput Applications The SDDGL detectors possess the best spectroscopic performance at short shaping times and are suited for all types of applications where ultimate energy resolution at high speed is mandatory.

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Extra Large Area SDD for Synchrotron Applications

Monolithically Integrated Multicell SDDs

Extra Large Area SDD To increase the detection efficiency and measurement speed, monolithic multi-element SDDs with extra large area up to 600 mm² have been developed. They are of particular interest for synchrotron applications like XAS or nano-beam experiments.
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SDD Racetrack

Unique Oval Shaped SDDs for Very Close Proximity to the Sample

SDD Racetrack These SDDs make use of an oval shaped active area. Therefore they can be placed extremely close to the sample even in applications with limited available space. This leads it largely increased solid angles.
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Rococo Line

Monolythically Integrated 4-Channel SDD Modules Providing Maximum Solid Angle

Rococo Line Monolythically integrated 4-channel SDD modules have been developed for applications requiring best energy resolution at ultra high count rates. The optimized detector geometry allows maximum solid angle with an arrangement very close to the sample.

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Solid State Backscattered Electron Detector

Quadrant Annular Detector for High Bandwidth and Low Energy Applications

Backscattered Electron Detector Today’s Scanning Electron Microscopes require fast imaging electron detectors with high sensitivity. Our BSE Detectors show significantly increased collection efficiency and very high speed.

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More than 10 years of research and development in the field of cutting-edge silicon radiation detectors lead to the success and high performance of PNDetector’s products.